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X-Ray 장비
XT V 130C
브랜드  : NIKON
Max kV: 130 kV
Max. electron beam power: 10 W
X-ray source: Open transmission target tube
X-ray spot size: 3 µm
Defect recognition capability: 2 µm
Geometric magnification: 2.5x-2,400x
System magnification: Up to 36,000x
Imaging system (Standard): 1.45 Mpixel 12-bit camera with 6" image intensifier
Imaging system (Option): Varian 1313 or 2520 Digital flat panel
1Mpixel 12bit camera with dual field 4"/6" image intensifier
Manipulator: 4-axis (X, Y, Z, T)
Rotate axis: Optional
Tilt: 0 - 75 degrees
Measuring volume: Largest square in single map 406x406 mm (16x16")
Absolute max 711x762 mm (28x30")
Max. sample weight: 5 kg (11 lbs)
Dimensions (BxWxH): 1,225 x 1,810 x 2,145 mm  (48x71x84")
(incl. monitor bracket and lamp tower)
Weight: 1,935 kg (4,266 lbs)
Radiation safety: <1 μSv/hr at the cabinet surface
Control: Inspect-X control and analysis software
Automation inspection: Optional
Computed Tomography: Optional
Applications: Real-time inspection of electronics
(BGA, µBGA, flip-chip and loaded PCB boards)
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