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X-Ray 장비
XT H 450
브랜드  : NIKON

Microfocus source

Max. kV

Max. power

Focal spot size

Focal spot size  at max power

450 kV Reflection target

450 kV

450 W

80 µm up to 200 W

320 µm  at 450 W

450 kV High brilliance source

450 kV

450 W

80 µm up to 200 W

113 µm at 450 W



# Bits

Active pixels

Pixel Size

Max. frame rate  at 1x1 binning

Max. frame rate  at 2x2 binning

Perkin Elmer 1620 16-bit 2000 x 2000 200 µm 3.75 fps  7.5 fps 
Perkin Elmer 1621 EHS 16-bit 2000 x 2000 200 µm 15 fps  30 fps 
Nikon Metrology CLDA 16-bit 2000 415 µm 50 fps  50 fps
Combination PE162x & CLDA   Configuration with both Flat panel and Curved Linear Diode Array detector 



# Axes 4 (optional 5th axis)
Axes travel (X) 400 mm
(Y) 600 mm
(Z) 600 mm
(Rotate) n*360
Max. sample weight 100kg



Cabinet dimensions (LxWxH) 3,613 mm x 1,828 mm x 2,249 mm
Weight 14,000 kg
Safety All systems are manufactured to IRR99
Control software  All systems are controlled by Nikon Metrology’s in-house Inspect-X software 

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